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30.07.2002: A new webdialer version is out. There is a better isdn support. I hope the most bugs in the isdn part are fixed.

22.03.2002: Every day I have to answer the question how people can uninstall the webdialer from a MS Windows system. The answer is: I don't know it, because this webdialer is for linux and can not run on MS Windows systems! But because many people ask me, go here and read how to uninstall.

02.12.2001: A Messageboard added.

11.11.2001: The tar file webdial-1.3.tar.gz has files in dos format. So that apache gives an errror "Premature end of script headers". I hope this is fixed now! the new file is named webdial-1.3-1.tar.gz

14.08.2001: The Version v1.3 with IP logging function is out.

15.06.2001: In the last weeks I got very little feedback. If it associates with the installation of the App-Config modules, it would be nice if You inform me of this.

I am very pleased over feedback to the program.

14.05.2001: The version v1.2 with turkish language support is out. A small bug in the log file is also fixed. The link for the App-Config CPAN Module changed.

01.05.2001: Today I checked App-Config CPAN Module and it is not longer there. Here is a download link for App-Config.

07.03.2001: The version v1.1 with czech language support is out . The new version has one config file for all variables. And some options are not longer hardcoded. You need the App-Config CPAN Module for this version!

26.01.2001: The version v1.0 with itatian language support is out now. Also their is a very usefull feature added in the log screens. You will be able to preselect between whitch dates the WebDialer should display the Logs

19.01.2001: The version v0.9 with spanish language support is out now. And some smaller fixes.

02.01.2001: A happy new Year!!! Version v0.8 can start/stop ISDN connection too. The bug in the traffic.log should be corrected.

11.12.2000: Version v0.7 is out a new feature were added. A second skript checks every 3 minutes if the connection is up, if not it writes the stats into the logfiles. Also the Point-to-Point IP Address will be displayed on the first screen. The displayed time for the traffic stats was wrong displayed and is now fixed.

09.12.2000: Newsboard added

08.12.2000: Version v0.6 is out now in great new design and fixes for the logtime. I hope that the logging is now corret.

04.12.2000: Added a RPM package for an e-smith system.

29.11.2000: Now the incomming and outgoing traffic of your connection will be loged and some bugs in the HTML code werd fixed.

29.11.2000: Now on this side you can see how does the WebDialer works. Take a look at the Demo selection.

22.11.2000: You can use the skript now for a configured ADSL-connection to by using rp-pppoe. Now you can view the logs for a specified IP-address

20.11.2000: The log screen has now a password too. You can set the refresh time while connecting. The french part of the skript.

14.11.2000: The configure screen has now a password protection so that only users who know the right password can change, add or sub a provider. You can disable the /var/log/buttons. Now you can disallow the connection from one or more IP addresses. You can configure if it is allowed to shutdown the computer. The P-t-P address will be now correct displayed

06.11.2000: New stats at the log screen and some Bug-Fixes

01.11.2000: The first release of webwvdial v0.1

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about WebDialer

Web Dialer is a small Perl skript and is distributed under the GPL. Use it for small gateway computers without a monitor.

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  • Configure, start and stop a dial-up connection
  • and much more

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Left TODO:

  • You tell me...
  • or you can use the board

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There is no FAQ available.
If you have a problem send me a eMail

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Demo / Screenshots

Klick here for a working demo of WebDialer v0.6
Klick here for a working demo of WebDialer v0.5

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Download WebDialer

App-Config CPAN Module:
01-05-2001 Download AppConfig-1.52.tar.gz (45k) required

30-07-2002 Download webdial-1.4.tar.gz (24k)
11-11-2001 Download webdial-1.3-1.tar.gz (24k)

14-08-2001 Download webdial-1.3.tar.gz (24k)

14-05-2001 Download webdial-1.2.tar.gz (22k)
07-03-2001 Download webdial-1.1.tar.gz (22k)
26-01-2001 Download webdial-1.0.tar.gz (20k)
19-01-2001 Download webdial-0.9.tar.gz (19k)
02-01-2001 Download webdial-0.8.tar.gz (18k)
11-12-2000 Download webdial-0.7.tar.gz (18k)
08-12-2000 Download webdial-0.6.tar.gz (17k)
29-11-2000 Download webdial-0.5.tar.gz (16k)
22-11-2000 Download webdial-0.4.tar.gz (15k)
20-11-2000 Download webwvdial-0.3.tar.gz (15k)
14-11-2000 Download webwvdial-0.2.tar.gz (14k)
06-11-2000 Download webwvdial-0.1.1.tar.gz (13k)
01-11-2000 Download webwvdial-0.1.tar.gz (12k) 

RPM's for an e-smith system:
04-12-2000 Download webdial-0.5-1.i386.rpm (20k)

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